Currently B.K. is working on a handful of podcasts, all available via Spreaker or iTunes.

  • Nerdbone: Showcasing things that not only B.K. is passionate about, but also the things his guests are passionate about!
  • The Blank Show: B.K. and Nick do a deep dive on whatever has been bouncing around their skulls that week!
  • Dads In The Kitchen: B.K. and Mark talk about the joys of cooking, family, and more. 
  • Mighty Morphin’ Power Pals: (Coming Soon!) B.K. and Superfriend Chris do a deep dive on one of their favorite topics: Power Rangers!

With over a dozen shows produced/hosted over the past 5 years, B.K. has established himself as a known entity in developing the creative and business aspect of Podcasting. Available for one-on-ones or speaking events, B.K. aims to bring his knowledge to others to help you start, build, and become successful in the medium. 

Email bkmullen.pro@gmail.com to set up a consult/speaking event today!