The Cure For This Evening

Brain: Download The Cure.

Me: Cool. Which songs?

Brain: All of them.

Me: Fair enough.

The girl with pink hair at table 7 keeps looking at me, I think…..oh well. My lager, my laptop and my girlfriend are on my mind like a Great Wall she’d have to carve through if she really wants to get inside.

Sometimes I just have to get out of the apartment. I love my apartment, I really do. But the smell of fresh air and the sound of a busy street on a Saturday night is a refreshing meditation to me. I thought about going to the city just to walk around (hell I still might) but Phoenixville is medicine enough for right now.

The truffle fries came in a mini-cast iron skillet. They very clearly were not cooked this way, but delicious nonetheless.

The waitress has a tattoo that has the word “God” inside a TV set. I wonder what it means.

I cried on the drive over. Somehow I forgot about the song “Pictures of You” and it stirred up some things. It’s funny though, I’ve felt a good cry coming on for about a week and being one who accepts my cries when they come, I was wondering when it would show up.

A young lady in tight jeans and an even tighter top enters on heels with a gaggle of friends and a birthday sash around her. She hears it’s a 45 minute wait and looks disappointed but hopeful.

It’s been a while since my last foray into a social place like this. I’m comfortably nestled in a corner, ten feet from anything and able to people watch while I occasionally check the tv for the Phillies game. The taste of my beer blends nicely with my Swisher Sweet from earlier and while the music is loud, it’s not enough to drown out the conversation.

I may not always be a social person, but this is one of my drugs: a loaded, loud, and impersonal bar on a Saturday night. A hundred different stories all intersecting, engaging, enjoying, evolving. Like the beer halls of old, and yet injected with cell phones and hair treatments.

Phillies are up, 7-4 against the Rockies. Bottom of the 8th.

The Cure on blast for the drive home.

This is what I needed. Feed my soul, jumpstart my mind, fill my belly and quiet the noise in my brain.



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