Yummy Mistakes

Every once in a while, mid-task, an idea will pop into my head along the lines of “ooo what if I do it THIS way instead”.

Such an idea took place on Sunday night, on a hot griddle, while preparing protein pancakes for the week. What if I just made a big-ass pancake all at once and ripped it apart later instead of doing all these small ones? I know how to pour it properly, and I have a big enough spatula handy so….why not.

Before I really knew what was happening, my hand began pouring all of the batter out onto the griddle. And while the result was a little messy (the margin of error on the flip is high when the pancake is the exact size of the griddle), it did in fact cook all the way through, taste just fine, and made its way into my belly without incident.

All I’m saying is it’s these spontaneous thoughts of genius that will win me some awards some day, I swear. Probably not in cooking…..but y’know….in something…



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