A Plant Named Harry

It’s been a bit of a transitional period for us, as far as the house goes.

As with any couple there’s been some ups and downs as far as how to decorate the house. What exactly do we want our living space to be like? What are we able to do vs what we want to do? What are the must-haves? We’ve had this house for 4 years now, and we’re finally figuring it out.

The biggest thing for me came to my brain like a flash of lightning. It was something I had grown up with my whole life until moving out of parents house. It seems that not having it all this time made me realize how much I really need it.


See, I grew up in the woods. Not the deep-forest, but as close as you can get to that type of setting but also while being near enough to a hospital and civilization. The trees were my best friends and we were always surrounded by plant life. Even with the house surrounded, my mom would still keep a spider plant or two inside. It was a part of who I am in a very deep way, my connection to the earth itself.

My wife was out front working on the stone garden when it hit me. We were talking about which flower shops and nurseries in the area we should check out so we could find what she wanted for the big pot we have out there. I had been thinking on what to do to add to the bedroom, and it fell out of my mouth:

“I kinda want to find a plant for the bedroom. I like…..” <this is where I pause and actually figure out what I like> “…big leafy things. Like jungle type plants.”

I wanted big, green, healthy leaves. The kind you can feel radiating clean energy into the air.

A few hours later, I had it in my hand. A “hardy banana”, which I’ll admit that, when I bought it, didn’t realize it’s meant to become a tree which grows bananas.

I bought a friggin banana tree for my bedroom.

Nevertheless, it’s exactly what I wanted. The size of the leaves, the sunlight and watering requirements, everything.

In the following weeks, sitting in the corner bathed in light from two different windows, and being watered in the shower, it has grown 4 new leaves and given me a peace that I haven’t felt in a long time. It’s the hammer that drives in the nail of “you’re home”.

Oh and since it’s a banana tree, and I had to name it, I went with the most obvious choice.

Harry Belafonte.



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