The ocean does something to me. I don’t know how else to explain it really, it just has this effect on me. Perhaps its some inner-human thing that I’ve tapped into, or part of my disability, that I focus on things a lot better when my feet are in the waves and the sound of the sea is all around me.

Over this past week my family and I have been on a much needed vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. It’s been a few years since we’ve been able to come, and the first time ever going with our daughter. Same hotel, same beach, same length of boardwalk. But in certain ways, we are different people.

It’s in this same idea that I am about to start living out my own advise to fellow bloggers/podcasters: Don’t Be Afraid of Change in Your Brand.

People change and when you roll with it instead of fighting against it, things tend to work out for the best. So I’m making some changes to my brand, my online life, whatever you want to call it, while also making changes to my personal life. For the next year I’m going to have a lot less time to work with as far as podcasts go, so I’m refocusing.

Instead of trying to create more, I’m going to create better with what I already have. New episodes of the established podcasts, and a return to writing along with a new dream gig reviewing comic books. The change is here and I’m rolling with it.


Lets do this.


P.S. Go Warriors. Lebron is still not MJ.


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