La Croix

Reliable. That’s what I’ve come to know it as.

It started with a text, I suppose, the day I wrote a piece about moving on from soda and trying to cut back on Monster. A few hours after it published I saw, while scrolling through Facebook, that yet another of my friends was going to try Whole 30. What I knew of it was limited, all I knew was that it wasn’t food specific, just food-type specific. You can eat these and those, but none of these or those etc.

So I figured I’d look into it the best way I know how: ask someone who’s done it. Nick, who I co-host the Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast with, has done it a few times now with his wife Sarah. We’d talked about it a couple of times on the podcast and the types of results he was getting as far as overall weight loss, etc. So I shoot off a text…

“Ok…so…tell me about this whole 30 thing. What food is allowed basically.”

The response text started with “Hoooooooo boy” and we went from there.

Through all the details, there was one thing I was looking for: a substitute for soda. With the program you can drink black coffee (which I already partake in) and water for sure. But I needed something else. That’s when he mentioned La Croix.

Apparently not only a popular soda replacement with people my age group, but also the only flavored drink approved by most dietitians at doctors. It’s sparkling water with a hint of flavoring to it.

The tendency I have of course is, when I start something, I go hard.

The next day I found myself in costco with a 24 pack with cans of the Lime, Lemon, and Grapefruit flavors.

It’s basically all I’ve been drinking since then.

So now I’m 10 days into no soda at all, and in 10 days I’ve only had 2 Monsters. Definitely a step up, but… 10 days with no soda and little Monster, drinking mostly La Croix and green tea, as well as intermittent fasting…..I lost 10 pounds this week.

I guess they really were telling the truth when they said “you are what you eat”.



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