In Places: A Photo Series

Over the last 4 years I’ve found myself in a lot of places. Whether it’s traveling for work, working my day job, or just admiring and acknowledging my surroundings, I find myself snapping a picture that I’ve been there. But for me it’s beyond the preserving the memory or using it as content for my social media channels. 

It’s about sharing the opportunity to appreciate being present. Looking at your surroundings and being greatful, or simply seeing more detail than you used too.

When I was a kid (and sometimes as an adult as well) I’d look out the window of our moving car as we’re traveling down the highway and pick out something noticeable. A tree, a wall, a random spot off to the side or even in the middle of the road itself. I’d see that spot and I’d wonder what life is like right there in that spot, often wanting to just pull over and go experience it.

Maybe I’m crazy, but it’s a great big world out there and every inch of it has something knew to appreciate and experience in different ways. Looking at life through the lense of what things really are instead of taking them for granted and walking right past as I look deeply into my phone. 

Over the next couple of months, starting in June, I’ll be posting pictures one at a time along with the story behind it. If you follow my social media channels you may see some that are familiar, but I promise…

…the story will change how you look at it. And maybe even how you look at the world itself. 



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