Little Miss Bacon Pancakes

Out there in the world is a cartoon show called “Adventure Time” and apart from a short video on YouTube, I’ve never seen any of it. All I know is it’s strange and the two main characters are a boy with an odd hat and a dog who talks. This show is the origin of “The Bacon Pancakes Song”. 

Now, history has shown that it is inescapable that multiple songs will follow similar beats/timing signatures. It’s of no fault to the people who created them, it just is what it is. Therefore there has been a long history of YouTube “mashups” which take two songs that follow the same rhythm and mash them together into silliness or sometimes even awesomeness (i.e. Nirvana and Rick Astley).

So here we are, dancing in the kitchen at the behest of our mini-we, at 1:30AM on New Years Day, to a mashup of the “Bacon Pancakes Song” and “New York” by Alicia Keys. It has become a staple in our household over the last two weeks either being replayed via YouTube or being sung by the three of us.

Yes it will be stuck in my head for the foreseeable future, but hey…it’s catchy and it puts a smile on the wee-ones face. 

Please enjoy: Bacon Pancakes/New York


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