Halloween 2016

The Princess Anna dress…..

I had feared it for a time. Not because I have any aversion to Princess stuff, but because I knew our daughter feared it to an extent. As soon as it arrived to our house (as a present for her 3rd birthday a few months ago) she was awestruck and in love with it. But the logistics of putting the dress on made it…difficult.

We hadn’t found, until just recently, that the back of the dress opened up enough for her to step into it. So all this time, each time we’ve tried to put it on her, it ended with screaming and tears due to our attempts at rolling it up in a way and putting it over her head.

Fear no longer. The extra opening was revealed, she put on the dress, and love was immediately restored. In fact she’s spent a considerable amount of time in it for a holiday that only spans one day.


Following the town Halloween Parade last week we’ve been up to our ears in candy. A lot more was gained that night than expected, as it was her first time truly experiencing the parade and sitting at the edge of the road grabbing the candy thrown her way. Then Friday arrived and for some reason we all felt in the mood to get into the real spirit of Halloween: getting as much candy as possible.

Trick-or-Treating at the mall went better than expected on Saturday. I was made nervous not by the idea of walking around with her in a costume getting candy so much as I was intimidated by the fact that it was the King of Prussia Mall…..the second largest mall in the United States. We live a not-so-crazy driving distance away, so we made the trip, braved the crowds, and had a great time. Our candy stock was about doubled.

Then came the trip, which is another post all together: Emma’s first trip with Mommom and Poppop. Her first time out with my in-laws without my Wife and I. They took a trip up to my SIL’s college where they were having a ToT day and she came home with a wealth of candy to add to the already impressive collection. The next day….today….her annual Parade at her Daycare, then Halloween itself. We did the usual route and the bank of candy grew and grew.

By the time we finished up at my parents’ house (the final stop before calling it a night), she had not only amassed more candy, but a whole utility pack full of pencils, erasers, mini-notebooks and more (thanks Mom!)

I should also mention that three things happened that added a significant portion.

1.) Wifey picked up a big bag of candy at Costco to hand out after we finished up ToTing.

2.) My Wife and I were very tired and lazy from a long weekend followed by a busy Monday and did not feel like passing out any candy.

3.) By the time we did our round of the block then over to my parents’ house and got back home, 90% of the people who were out on their porches had gone inside, thus ending Halloween on our block more quickly than we had imagined.

Therefore….we have a big bag of candy that will now go un-handed out thanks to sleepiness, laziness, and fate. Wayyyyyy more candy than originally anticipated…..

In any case, the dress, the candy, the weather and all was a success. Our kiddo spent some quality time dancing naked in a circle around her toy telephone while she slapped her rear end, and is now passed out in bed. The past four days have been well lived, and tonight is a night that will be well rested.

Sleep tight. Happy Halloween.



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