We aren’t just a family that goes to Costco, we are a family that lives Costco. It’s not just the free samples either. 

We go for many reasons, and often there are stories that spawn from observations and experiences. So I’ll be sharing those here soon! 

See, shortly after the new Costco location opened up a short drive away about 5 years ago, my Mom got a job there. Through her employment she’s able to provide us with a membership card (also cause she’s an amazing, loving person). At the time my wife and I had never been, so we figured why not check it out? 

We’ve been back at least once a week since. 

We get our usual groceries (not all, just a few things) and occasionally try new things. It’s where we do some of our holiday and clothes shopping as well. Each time we’ve moved into a new apartment/house? Picked up a few things. And almost every visit: we grab a bite to eat from the food court. 

Here’s the thing, it’s not just shopping, we like going out and doing stuff. But the “stuff” I speak of is mainly just walking around. Taking a stroll around somewhere familiar, just hanging out as a family. Costco provides something a little different though.

Not only do they have a rotation of free samples of things that allow us to try a little something new from time to time, but the landscape within the store changes sometimes too. Sections of things are shifted to accommodate a new product, or simply to make it easier to navigate the store. Plus new product comes and goes every other week or so. 

So it really is an oddity that we enjoy. Being able to go to the same, safe place to walk around that may hold something new each time, and we can buy or not buy things. And of course, say hi to Nana when she’s working 🙂 

Is this on the list of things that make us wierd?  For sure. But hey, enjoy the little things in life! 

Plus we get to experience silly things not only because of the store itself, but the people who shop and work there 🙂

Do you have a Costco Story? Share them with me on Twitter with #CostcoStories !


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